Pay Less Than $14 For 20 Mystery Games From Fanatical This Month


This month, Fanatical customers can grab up to 20 mystery PC games for cheap with the aptly named Mystery Mayhem bundle. The bundle starts at one key for $1 and scales up to 20 keys for $13.49.

Naturally, we don’t know what games are included in the pool of potential pulls–part of the fun of mystery bundles like this is the surprise of what games you get. The Mystery Mayhem bundle’s store page says you could get anything from “action-packed shooters to immersive role-playing games” by indie and AAA publishers alike, which doesn’t narrow down the possibilities much, but considering the low price of each key, you’re bound to come away with at least a few games you’re interested in.

There is also a chance one of your keys could be a AAA pack that includes codes to redeem Age of Wonders 4 Premium Edition, Dredge Deluxe Edition, Lego 2K Drive, Resident Evil 4 Deluxe Edition, Street Fighter 6, and the new System Shock remake. That’s a remarkable bundle if you’re lucky enough to grab one.

Along with your games, the Mayhem Mystery Bundle also includes a 5%-off coupon code you can use on select games and bundles in Fanatical’s store.

The Mayhem Mystery Bundle is part of Fanatical’s May Madness sale, which sees hundreds of PC games and bundles discounted, and special offers for free games and additional coupons.

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