Overwatch Player Finds Out He’s Dropped From Team Via Twitter


Overwatch player Seo Sang-min, also known as Myunb0ng, found out through Twitter that he was off the New York Overwatch League team. Needless to say, this isn’t an ideal way to discover you’re suddenly out of a job.

In a now-deleted tweet, NY Excelsior bid goodbye to Myunb0ng, but Myunb0ng responded with question marks, indicating his confusion over the announcement–leading to speculation that the organization had not notified him beforehand. NY Excelsior later confirmed that this was the case and issued an apology for the way the situation played out.

The organization said it had “failed to properly communicate with the team before the announcement was made” and apologized to both Myunb0ng and fans for the oversight. It’s unknown what happened internally at NY Excelsior, but multiple people under Myunb0ng’s quote retweet expressed disbelief at the communication breakdown.


— NY Excelsior (@NYExcelsior) August 10, 2022

Myunb0ng later confirmed that NY Excelsior finally told him he was off the team in a team feedback session. He expressed confusion, saying he had not heard “anything regarding the possibility of me being dropped.”

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