Nintendo Switch Sports Black Friday Deal – Save On The Wii Sports Successor


Nintendo Switch Sports has received a rare discount for Black Friday 2023. Right now, you can grab the Wii Sports successor for only $40 at multiple major retailers.

Switch Sports offers more than a handful of fun arcade sports experiences and mini-games with local and online multiplayer. The physical edition comes bundled with a leg strap accessory for soccer.

This is among the best prices we’ve seen all year, with the game typically listed for $50 still. Best of all, this deal includes the leg strap accessory used during the soccer minigame. Nintendo Switch Sports included the following activities:

  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Bowling
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Chambara (Swordplay)
  • Golf

Each of the seven sports makes full use of the Joy-Con’s motion controls, allowing you to perform different actions by swinging your arms–or in the case of soccer, kicking your leg. It’s quite similar to the iconic Wii Sports, though it benefits from enhanced graphics, great multiplayer (both online and locally), and improved motion controls thanks to advancements in tech.

Our Nintendo Switch Sports review found it to be an approachable game for folks of all ages.

“Nintendo Switch Sports is a fantastic multiplayer game that, for the most part, invites anyone and everyone to pick up a controller and flail their limbs about,” wrote critic Kurt Indovina. “It has its issues, but they fall away when you have other people to play with and are joyously going toe-to-toe in virtual sports. As with the original Wii Sports, Nintendo Switch Sports finds beauty and fun in simplicity. And bowling is great. Better than real-life bowling.”

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