Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Edition Is Available Now


The special-edition Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Nintendo Switch OLED launched today, November 4. Multiple retailers offered preorders ahead of launch but sold out quickly. If you’re looking to pick up the console today, Best Buy and Walmart currently have the bundle in stock. You can only order it for pickup at your local store, though.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Nintendo Switch OLED

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Switch OLED features some pretty striking artwork, especially on the back of the console itself. You’ll find all three starter Pokemon–Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly–emblazoned alongside a bunch of other symbols and designs from the world of Pokemon.

The white dock has images of both legendary Pokemon (Koraidon and Miraidon) on the front and a Poke Ball design on the back. It comes with purple and red Joy-Con controllers with insignias printed on them. The back of each Joy-Con features images of Pokemon that are outlined in either purple or red, which matches the colors on the console.

Just like the recently released Splatoon 3-themed Switch OLED, the Pokemon Switch OLED does not come with a copy of Scarlet/Violet. That said, the console is only 10 bucks more than price of the standard Switch OLED.

If you haven’t preordered a copy of Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, make sure to check out our preorder guide. And if you’re curious to see which other Pokemon inhabit the upcoming Switch exclusives, take a peek at our roundup of every confirmed Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet.