New Trailer Announces Where Winds Meet Coming To PS5, Includes This Fight With Giant Fish


If its newest trailer is anything to go by, Where Winds Meet looks like it’ll scratch your Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice itch with a ton of fast-paced duels against a variety of powerful bosses. The trailer also announces the game is coming to PlayStation 5 in addition to PC.

Developer Everstone Studio dropped a new trailer for the upcoming open-world action-RPG during Sony’s latest State of Play presentation, where it put the focus squarely on duels with characters who look like they’re going to wallop you at least a few times. One summoned a huge carp into battle while another rained arrows on the protagonist mid-fight, and in all cases, the gameplay was all about fast, furious dueling.

You can check out a new Where Winds Meet trailer below, which is a longer version of what was shown during the State of Play stream.

Where Winds Meet is set in China during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms era. According to the game’s official website, you’ll “explore a land ravaged by war and territorial disputes, where political intrigue, power struggles, and epic battles shape the course of history. Amidst the chaos, discover a world brimming with cultural richness and prosperity, where heroes rise and legends are born.”

Combat, meanwhile, is predicated on a system that draws on different Chinese martial arts techniques. You’ll be able to use a variety of different weapons and martial arts styles that play into approaches to battle. Stealth and strategic thinking are also a part of how you’ll take on your rivals, according to the website. In the trailer, though, it was all intense one-on-one battles.