New Tekken 8 Character Victor Chevalier Is A French Samurai James Bond


After revealing four returning characters for Tekken 8 earlier this week–Devil Jin, Alisa, Zafina, and Lee Chaolan–Bandai Namco has now unveiled the second brand-new character for the upcoming fighter. His name is Victor Chevalier, and based on his debut trailer, he’s essentially James Bond if he A) were French, and B) had a penchant for the samurai arts.

Victor’s moveset includes a Swiss-army-knife’s worth of weaponry, with the trailer showing off a short-range dagger, a pistol, and a high-tech samurai sword. He can also teleport–just as Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis had in Tekken 7–which gives him extra movement options and versatility in battle.

Mr. Chevalier–or “Refined Violence” as the trailer refers to him–is only the second brand-new character to debut in Tekken 8, with the other 29 characters revealed to date being Tekken veterans. He follows Azucena, the Peruvian coffee queen, who was revealed at Evo 2023 back in August.

Only one more character remains to be revealed for Tekken 8, as the roster was confirmed to be 32 fighters at launch and the list currently stands at 31. The returning veterans trailer mentioned above showed that the final character is scheduled to be revealed on November 12.

Tekken 8 launches on Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 5, and PC on January 26.