New State Mobile Beginner Guide


New State Mobile has been out for a little under a year, but in that short time, it has grabbed the attention of millions of players worldwide. A hardened battle royale with PUBG lineage, New State focuses wholly on shooting with guns blazing rather than secondary mechanics like fighting wild monsters to earn experience in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, or building mechanics like in Fortnite.

This creates a battle royale with very little dawdling throughout the map, while facing numerous enemy players one after the other with little downtime in between. As with any other battle royale, you want to get first place. The prestige, the glory, and, well, getting out of Bronze placements through the ranking system is always a great initial goal to have.

This guide will go through tips, tricks, and tactics that will aid you in being rewarded with that esteemed first-place trophy out of 100 players.


New State Mobile, like most battle royales, will drop you down on a massive large-scale map with a parachute. If you see a structure or vehicle in the distance, you can run towards each so long as you are not impeded by enemy players or the encroaching storm making the playfield smaller.

If you are playing solo, there is not an ideal location you want to drop for your first runs. Get a feel for the game, and try dropping to a different location each playthrough.

The parachute itself is finicky, and fragile to screen taps or rotations. If you move toward your destination too quickly, you might end up in a spot much farther away from any buildings or locales to grab starting weapons or gear.

Be careful to not go off course while parachuting.

You want the parachute to land safely without too much interruption. Letting it slowly land will always be better than changing course last second that may have you ending up in an arduous situation.

Map Awareness

In comparison to other battle royale games, New State provides little time to scavenge for better gear or different weapons before heading away from the impending storm.

You will find yourself caught in the storm often, more than comparable battle royales, taking damage over time if you spend too long looking for equipment or even gunning down enemy players.

Keep an eye on the map to make sure you’re outrunning the storm.

You should continually check your map and make sure you are heading outside of the storm right behind you. The storm’s countdowns are short, with most being less than two minutes before consuming the area indicated on the map. It is much better to keep moving. If you kill any enemies, go up to them, and take their gear, but you do not have the leisure to search buildings throughout the match after the storm has engulfed the first area on the map.

Red Zone

You want to refrain, and always bypass, the red circular area on your map. This entire area will have constant explosions, and the game will warn you of the Red Zone throughout the match.

Avoiding the dangerous Red Zone by keeping an eye on the map.

Constant shelling of explosions litter each Red Zone and can take players out of the game entirely. Outside of the storm area, the Red Zone is the other place you should avoid. Sometimes, even the area you are in can become a Red Zone; so you will need to figure out the quickest way to get to safety. Your other option, if you get stuck in the Red Zone, is to keep moving to avoid any damage. Just because you decide to drive a vehicle and leave the Red Zone does not mean you will be protected. The explosions can still very much kill you inside a vehicle.


If you have trouble discerning enemy players alongside the environment, no need to fret. When enemies start firing in your general vicinity, indicators will show on your screen where these shots were fired from.

You can easily turn toward the enemy due to these gunfire indicators, and fire back. Just because you were caught off guard does not mean you will lose the fight. One of the great aspects of New State Mobile is you still have a good chance of winning the one-versus-one fights, even if you were the one to take the initial damage.

Scope in with your weapon, try not to hesitate and take out the enemy that started shooting at you.

Even if an enemy gets the jump on you, there is a good chance you can come out on top.

Loot and Gear

Each time you kill an enemy, you want to walk up and loot their corpse. Grab painkillers, energy drinks, helmets, vests, backpacks, and more. When you tap on the loot, the game will automatically grab everything you can hold, and, most importantly, it will automatically decipher the best options.

For example, if you have a level one backpack, it will automatically loot and equip a higher level backpack. Same with the different types of vests, and helmets. The game will always determine the best gear quality and equip it for you. All you will need to do is approach the loot from your fallen enemy.

You will have to specifically tap on loot for weapon upgrades such as scopes, hand grips, and sights, though.

The best gear is mostly automatically looted when exploring a defeated opponent’s inventory.


Ideally, you want all of your three weapon slots equipped with a gun. The different guns are categorized as “single” or “auto”. Single shot weapons are mainly for shotguns, and more long-distance weapons like snipers are for picking off foes from a distance or with improved accuracy. Auto weapons are mainly submachine guns that can hastily mow down an enemy. The last weapon slot will be a handgun, which is a last-resort backup.

Rather than reloading your one-equipped weapon in a fight, it is opportune to switch to one of your weapons that do not need to be reloaded. Reloading weapons may take a few seconds, but in New State, that is enough time for you to lose the match. Cycle through fully loaded weapons in fights, and only reload when you are securely behind cover.

Finding handgrips or scopes to equip can improve your submachine guns to increase their lethality.

This is a submachine gun equipped with handgrip alongside an improved scope.

Take a Sip

Energy drinks, painkillers, and syringes will increase your yellow bar. This allows your character to have improved health regeneration, and run faster. Always use consumables after each enemy encounter, so you can be in top shape for your next fight.

This will also enable you to get away from the storm or Red Zones more efficiently.

If your character moves too fast, it will cancel the entire consumable; and you will not receive any of the benefits it grants.

Other Tips

To keep your thumbs and hands from tiring out on these matches that sometimes will last upwards to 30 minutes, you can just slide the movement cursor up to let your character autorun. Using painkillers, bandages, energy drinks, and other consumables will still work even when you are in this autorun state. No need to stop or slow down to heal yourself, just flick the movement cursor, and use whatever item you need.

You can move slowly while consuming an energy drink.

Grenades can be used as scare tactics on the enemy. Use poison grenades to flush out other players in tight areas such as in buildings. Poison is great at whittling down the enemy’s health, as well.

Throwing a poison grenade inside a building is a great way to flush out an enemy.

You can purchase scout drones with currency found throughout the map, but this may be difficult to employ for some players on their first few runs of the game. It is beneficial to take into account that, if you do have the funds, you can order different supplies to an area of your choosing. Just make sure it arrives in time before the storm or Red Zone decimates the area.

The Scout Drones are handy tools.

Hopefully, these beginner tips were able to aid your New State Mobile runs, and that you reach the elusive first place all players crave in this recently released battle royale.

Winner winner chicken dinner.