New James Bond Game Is Coming This Month


A new James Bond video game has been announced, and it’s coming very soon. Due out on September 29, Cypher 007 is a mobile game in the works for Apple Arcade, and the story involves the iconic villain Blofeld.

The top-down game takes players back to revisit some of Bond’s “most iconic moments and locations.” The story involves taking down the evil Blofeld, who is trying to make Bond a double agent.

Cypher 007 is published by free-to-play studio Tilting Point in partnership with rights-owner MGM. There isn’t much to go on just yet about the actual gameplay, but Tilting point said more information is coming soon, so check back for more.

“Players will be immersed in this beloved universe of espionage as they gather intel, uncover secrets, and use spycraft to overcome immersive levels filled with obstacles, opponents, and objectives that increase in difficulty as they progress,” reads a line from the game’s description.

Cypher 007 has online leaderboards so players can see how their achievements stack up against the global community of players. Apple Arcade costs $5/month and includes access to a growing library of games with no ads or microtransactions.

A first look at Cypher 007

It’s not the only James Bond game in the works right now, as Hitman developer IO is making a James Bond game, but it’s still early days. 2022 was the 60th anniversary of the James Bond movie series.