Microsoft Office 2021 For PC And Mac Discounted To Only $35


With the new school year upon us, now’s the time to pick up a word processor and productivity suite, and there isn’t a better or more versatile option than Microsoft Office. For the next week, you can purchase a lifetime license for Microsoft Office 2021 for only $35 at StackCommerce. Both PC and Mac versions of Office 2021 are available at this low price. PC users will get Microsoft Office 2021 Professional, whereas the Mac deal applies to the Home and Business edition. Alternatively, if you need Office and Windows 11, you can snag this bundle for $60.

These days, Microsoft Office is most commonly sold as a Microsoft 365 subscription. You’d actually spend more for one-year access to Microsoft 365 than you would by picking up Microsoft Office 2021. The best part is that once you redeem the key, the license is yours to keep.

Here’s a look at the software included with Microsoft Office 2021 Professional for Windows:

  • Microsoft Office Word
  • Microsoft Office Excel
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Microsoft Office Teams
  • Microsoft Office OneNote
  • Microsoft Office Publisher
  • Microsoft Office Access
  • Skype for Business

The Mac version comes with everything listed above except for Publisher, Access, and Skype for Business. You also only get the “basic” version of Teams with the Mac license. Considering that most users are buying Microsoft Office for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, these concessions probably aren’t dealbreakers.

It’s worth noting that purchasing Microsoft Office 2021 means that you won’t receive regular software updates that are offered to Microsoft 365 subscribers. Again, this likely isn’t a huge deal for most people, as this is a bargain for even just Microsoft Word–and the 2021 version of Office is still excellent today.

Be sure to redeem your license within 30 days of purchase or return an unredeemed code for store credit.

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