Metroid Dread Is Only $30 At Amazon, But You’ll Want To Hurry


Metroid Dread is not just one of the best side-scrollers on Nintendo Switch, it’s one of the best games on the platform, period. And right now you can grab Metroid Dread for just $30 at Amazon, which is the lowest price ever for Samus’ latest enthralling adventure. Amazon is offering this deal as a way to match GameStop’s Pro Week offer, which also happens to be a response to Prime Day Round 2. If Amazon sells out, you can check to see if your local GameStop store has a copy in stock to order online, but GameStop is sold out of copies that can be shipped to your doorstep.

Metroid Dread takes the series back to its side-scrolling roots for the first time since Metroid Fusion for Game Boy Advance in 2002. Developed by Mercury Steam, the studio behind the 3DS remake of Metroid II, Dread takes cues from Samus Returns with its counter system and refined aiming/movement controls.

Dread’s various unique biomes are an absolute joy to explore. In true Metroid fashion, there are many upgrades to secure and secrets to uncover. On top of the great sense of adventure, Metroid Dread has some truly phenomenal boss fights that will test your skills. Thee world is also filled with zones patrolled by the EMMI, terrifying robotic creatures that you must stealthily avoid and eventually deactivate.

Longtime fans of the series will also appreciate the narrative running through this action-packed adventure. The game earned an 8/10 in GameSpot’s Metroid Dread review. “More than anything else, Metroid Dread feels like going back to a place of comfort after a long time away,” I wrote. “Though the gameplay is refined and new features have been added to the mix, Dread sticks closely to the formula of its predecessors. In the end, for longtime fans like myself, that’s probably for the best. There’s nothing to dread here. We’re home again.”