Mass Effect 5 Speculation Is Abound After Tweet That Might Be Totally Unrelated


A single, fairly innocent tweet from a developer working on the next Mass Effect has prompted further speculation about the still mysterious project.

Chris Evans, character technology director at Epic Games, posted on Twitter (via IGN) asking, “Anyone creating games with #MetaHumans in #UE5? What are some challenges you would like us to tackle in future releases?” Michael Gamble, project director on the next Mass Effect, replied with a GIF of a Salarian from the ME3 DLC Citadel.

It’s difficult to glean any particular details about the future game from this exchange. It was already confirmed that Mass Effect 5 would use Unreal Engine, so it’s not much of a stretch to conclude that the game will incorporate the engine’s MetaHumans tech.

Further details about the project are scant and speculative. A reveal trailer was shown off at the 2020 Game Awards, depicting the fan-favorite character Liara picking up a fragment of N7 armor on a snowy world. Since then, almost no concrete details of the game’s narrative or structure have been revealed. Bioware has put out teasers on a roughly yearly basis, including an image of a spaceship crew approaching a crater on foot and a space station that could be a mass relay. The previous teasers have released on November 7 (i.e. N7 day), so it’s possible that another one is on the horizon.