Lords Of The Fallen Lamp Upgrades: Antediluvian Chisel Locations


Lords of the Fallen separates itself from many other games in the Soulslike genre by incorporating a unique two-worlds mechanic. Using your Umbral Lamp, you can peer into an entire other dimension–or even transport yourself there. But the lamp can also be upgraded at Molhu in Skyrest to allow for additional upgrade slots and soulflay charges that can assist you in surviving your visits to Umbral. Here’s where to find the two Antediluvian Chisels you’ll need to trade him for these useful improvements.

First Antediluvian Chisel location

This Antediluvian Chisel can be found quickly by fast traveling to the Alehouse vestige. While facing the vestige, take a right and then drop down a level and take the stairs here. Look for a section of the wall that has been destroyed, then pass through it and drop to the area below. Follow the linear path here (slaying plenty of foes as you go) until you reach the end and have to break through some debris. Then, take a right into an open area with a giant tree on fire. Enter the Umbral Realm and look for a spot that you can soulflay at the giant tree for the first Anediluvian Chisel.

Second Antediluvian Chisel location

The Antediluvian Chisel is very easily obtained by fast traveling to the Fief vestige. Turn and head left through the large archway and down through the icy caverns to the room where you initially fought a boss and his pups. There will still be a few dogs waiting for you down here, so clear them out. Afterward, use your lamp to enter the Umbral Realm. Face off against the foes in this room, then check the wall nearby for a spot you can soulflay for the second Antediluvian Chisel.

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