Live A Live For Nintendo Switch Gets Rare Discount


Live A Live, one of the Nintendo Switch’s best JRPGs, is just $39 at Walmart (down from $50). The physical edition is sold out, but you can still grab a digital copy for $39. If you don’t mind spending a buck more, you can grab the physical edition at Best Buy for $40.

Live A Live launched last year as a Switch-exclusive remake of the original Super Famicom release from 1994. The Switch version sports updated visuals using the “HD 2D” style shared with other recent Square Enix games like Triangle Strategy, a remastered soundtrack by composer Yoko Shimomura, all-new voice acting, and other improvements.

The remake was one of the biggest surprises of 2022, marking the first time the game was officially localized outside of Japan. The original game garnered a cult following thanks to its novel gameplay structure where players play through the eight main characters’ storylines in any order, each featuring its own settings, art style, and even gameplay mechanics. In our Live A Live review, Heidi Kemps awarded the game an 8/10 saying, “almost 30 years later, Live A Live still manages to surprise, subvert, and enthrall.”

Live A Live was also a major influence on Octopath Traveler and its upcoming sequel Octopath Traveler 2–which happens to have a new demo out you can play now ahead of its February 24 release.