Lies Of P Art Book Has The Best Cover We’ve Seen On A Pinocchio Book


Lies of P isn’t just a terrific Souls-like game, it’s also a visual feast for the eyes. A dark retelling of the story of Pinocchio, the game combines its Bloodborne inspirations with a rich world of grim design and homicidal machines, and you can see just how a mountain of incredible art shaped the development of Lies of P. Now available to preorder, The Art of Lies of P will arrive on November 12 and is priced at $50.


Inside of the 256-page book, you’ll find a collection of concept art, accompanied by intimate creator commentary. “When we decided to make an art book for Lies of P, we knew we wanted to create something that served as a thank you to our fans while giving a behind-the-scenes peek at the development process for the game,” said Jiwon Choi, Director of Lies of P, in a press release. “The team at Dark Horse Books took our vision for The Art of Lies of P and is crafting something that is truly vibrant and speaks to the love and effort from the team at ROUND8 Studios. We hope it brings joy to our Lies of P community.”

In case you missed it, Lies of P was released last year and follows Geppetto’s puppet as he explores a city of monsters that has an elegant Belle Epoque-era setting.

“For the most part, however, Lies of P is content to adorn existing mechanics and ideas with its own story and aesthetic. This may be a derivative approach, but it nails the core Souls-like experience, with each of its various mechanics seamlessly coalescing to create a thrilling action game that’s challenging, varied, and dripping with atmosphere,” Richard Wakeling wrote in GameSpot’s Lies of P review.

For more Pinocchio, check out Guillermo del Toro’s adaptation of the tale. A recent addition to The Criterion Collection, this eye-catching Blu-ray is on sale for $27 (was $40) at Amazon.

Another stunning art book to preorder is The Art of Sea of Stars. Collecting the imaginative illustrations of Bryce Kho, it’ll be available starting July 2 and is priced at $45. Meanwhile, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course will get its own art book (two, in fact!) on October 22. With its classic cartoon visuals and intricate animations, Cuphead in art book format simply makes sense–the base game already received a fantastic art book.