Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Anniversary Edition Comes To PC, PS5, And PS4 On September 27


Kena: Bridge of Spirits is crossing over to PC via Steam next month, bringing with it several updates that will also be available on the PlayStation editions of the game. The Steam edition of the game and its big update will be available on September 27, and adds a New Game+ mode, more Charmstones to collect, the Spirit Guide Trials game mode, an enhanced photo mode, and more.

New Game+ will allow players to restart the adventure with all of their unlocked abilities and gear, but the world will be redesigned to create a more challenging experience. The new game mode, Spirit Trials, adds a variety of replayable challenges across obstacle, wave defense, and boss reflect-themed challenges.

Completing this mode will unlock new outfits for Kena, each one being inspired by the characters that she encounters along her journey. If bonus objectives are met, you’ll be able to unlock color variations and unique Charmstones for these outfits, while owners of the Deluxe edition of the game get an exclusive outfit to wear.

For the enhanced photo mode, which was a highlight from the game when you set Kena and her little Rot minions up for a portrait session, you can expect more fun poses, unique lighting filters, and a moving camera feature.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits originally released on September 21 for PS5 and PS4, and was the debut game for developer Ember Labs. Mixing the adventure influences of The Legend of Zelda with character-driven storytelling and challenging combat, the game was well-received by critics and players.

“While Kena: Bridge of Spirits is full of familiar-feeling combat and exploration, its ability to find different ways to look at those ideas makes for a beautiful, emotional, and exciting journey,” Phil Hornshaw wrote in GameSpot’s Kena: Bridge of Spirits review.