John Romero Is Still Working On Yet Another Unofficial Doom Episode


John Romero is one of the fathers of the first-person shooter genre, and that means he can basically do whatever he wants at this point. So, when he announced yet another unofficial episode for the original Doom–a follow-up to 2017’s Sigil–fans were definitely interested.

Romero recently showed off a preview of Sigil 2 in a lengthy livestream, where he displayed his map-building theory and process to viewers. This revealed that Sigil 2 is definitely a work-in-progress, but it seems things are trending upward. Unlike Sigil 1, Sigil 2 will build on Doom 2 rather than the original. Doom 2 is the base for almost all popular Doom mods, as it adds a ton of new monsters to the game, as well as the iconic Super Shotgun.

He showed his Doom Builder setup as well as a rough sketch of Sigil 2’s first level, which definitely has the look of a classic Doom map. Romero also noted that Doom Builder makes creating Doom mods (called WADS) a lot easier than the original design tools that id Software used back in the early ’90s.

There’s no word on when Sigil 2 might come out. We also know that Romero is working on a whole new first-person shooter in Unreal Engine 5, but we haven’t heard anything about its release date either.