How To Use Hive Symbols In Destiny 2’s Altars Of Summoning


Destiny 2 is once again confusing us with Hive symbols. As you progress through Season of the Witch, you’ll inevitably come across Altars of Summoning. The activity itself is already quite involved on its own, and that’s without the enigmatic symbols at the start of a Ritual of Induction.

As expected, there’s a reason for their presence. If you’re able to coordinate with your fireteam, you’ll be able to gain a buff from them. Here’s how to use the Hive symbols in Destiny 2’s Altars of Summoning.

How to use the Hive symbols at the start of Altars of Summoning

Destiny 2’s Altars of Summoning have multiple steps. One of them, which kickstarts the activity or a new wave if you join an already running instance, asks you to begin the Ritual of Induction.

When you first run the activity during “The Bladed Path” questline, there’s only one Hive symbol available for you to use. During subsequent runs, there will always be 10 of them. The trick here is to find the three Hive symbols that are different from the rest.

Search for the three distinct Hive symbols before starting a Ritual of Induction.

In my experience, seven of the Hive symbols (circles, emblems, or however you wanna call them) have the shape of an eye or a jellyfish, depending on your interpretation of it. The other three look like a star, or a + sign with diagonal lines.

The key is for each member of the three-person fireteam to step on those three distinct symbols and begin the Ritual of Induction at the same time. If you need help while playing with matchmaking folks, I recommend shooting at the ground underneath the symbol to signal the spots. Once you start to cast the Ritual of Induction, you can’t cancel the animation, so make sure to do this before taking position yourself.

At the start of a summoning, Lucent Blessing grants special ammo.

If you fail to coordinate this, don’t fret, as the activity will start either way and some orbs of power will be generated. But if you do, you’ll obtain Lucent Blessing, a Destiny 2 buff in Altars of Summoning.

Lucent Blessing grants you ammo at the start of each altar encounter (so, each time you make an Offering and a “round” starts). Abilities, as well as your Super, will regenerate faster, too.

While it may seem as a minor task compared to everything else that’s going on with Altars of Summoning, it only takes a few seconds. An extra buff does no harm–especially if you’re going for a Tier 3 encounter. Considering you’ll need to run the activity multiple times to gain Insight and uncover the Deck of Whispers, additional help is more than welcomed.