How To Respec In Starfield: You Can’t Reset Skill Points, And Here’s Why That’s Okay


If you’re wondering how to respec in Starfield, there’s a reason you can’t locate the option in-game: It doesn’t exist. Instead, there are dozens of skills to unlock, and each one of them can be further enhanced three times over, giving players a massive tiered system of skills to acquire. It would stand to reason that you may wish you could undo a build and respec, or reset your skills, and though you can’t, the game makes up for it with a different feature. Here’s what you need to know about how to respec in Starfield, as well as the game’s level cap details.

Starfield respec and level cap

Sure, it would be nice to respec your character when you’ve already poured dozens of skill points into them, but you can’t do it here. Bethesda Game Studios veterans will find this system familiar though, as instead of a respec option, you can simply keep amassing any and all skills you want to, just like in The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. There’s no level cap in Starfield, meaning you could eventually possess every single skill in the game. How’s that for a consolation (Constellation?) prize?

Of course, just because you can eventually acquire all skills doesn’t mean you should haphazardly unlock whatever your cursor lands on when you open the skills menu. Some are better than others, and you’ll want to have some in particular as early as you can get them, so use our guides on the best skills in Starfield, as well as the best backgrounds in Starfield, which grants you three skill unlocks with which you’ll start the game. Keep in mind these are bundled as a trio in each case, though, so you won’t have free rein of the options.

You’ll also want to note that the XP requirement to move up a level increases with each level you gain, meaning more work is required to level up the deeper you get into the skill tree, making it even more important to focus on the build you want early, before you start mopping up the rest of them as you continue your adventure.

Lastly, to earn new tiers for a skill, you’ll need to perform actions related to the skill, such as picking locks with digipicks to make the next tier of the Security skill available. These actions are not applied retroactively, so if you need to pick 15 locks to access the next tier of the Security skill, but you unlock 30, those extra 15 times won’t apply to the next tier’s requirements once you level up the skill. Therefore, if you have a skill you know you want, it’s sometimes best to grab it as soon as you’re able to, because subsequent tiers won’t benefit from any prior progression.

If you need even more guidance, don’t miss the game’s best traits, and seriously don’t make the same mistake I did; play this mission early in Starfield to ensure you unlock some of the game’s best features as soon as possible. For a universe full of more help, check out our Starfield guides hub.