How To Make Green Dye In Minecraft


Adding some color to your blocks or items in Minecraft is a great way to show off your particular flair. If you’re a fan of the forest aesthetic in Minecraft, then you might be interested in acquiring some Green Dye. Green Dye is used to add color to various recipes but it’s also needed to create certain items as well. To find out everything about Green Dye and how to make it in Minecraft, check out the guide below.

Making Green Dye in Minecraft

Fortunately, the process of creating Green Dye only requires one resource. All you need to do is smelt a cactus to make Green Dye. That’s right, a single cactus block smelted in a furnace produces one Green Dye, as seen in the recipe below.

Smelting a cactus results in Green Dye

Unlike some of the other dye recipes in Minecraft, this is the only way to make Green Dye. There isn’t a second resource you can use to create the item; it’s just a cactus in a furnace that will do the trick.

If you’re looking for a solid source of cactus, all you have to do is find a desert biome and walk a few feet into it. Cactus blocks are extremely prevalent all around the desert biomes, and they can be acquired by using just about any tool you have at your disposal. Be careful, though, as the cactus blocks are prickly and will damage your character if you get too close.

Once you have a decent supply of cactus, you can head to a furnace, throw some coal or another smelting source in the bottom box, and then toss the cactus blocks into the top box. After a few seconds, you’ll receive some Green Dye, ready to be used in whatever recipe you need it for in Minecraft. Here are some recipes that call for Green Dye:

  • Cyan Dye
  • Lime Dye
  • Green Bed
  • Green Concrete Powder
  • Green Stained Glass
  • Green Wool
  • Green Banner Pattern/Image

Hopefully, you find some good uses for Green Dye in Minecraft. If you need the dye for Concrete Powder, look at our previous guide on how to make Concrete in Minecraft.