How To Make Glass In Minecraft


A house with all blocks and no windows in Minecraft can be a little dreary, so why not add some light with a few windows? While you can always just eliminate some blocks in different parts of your base and call it a day, the better route is to add Glass for a more realistic touch. Of course, Glass isn’t freely available in Minecraft and requires a specific crafting process, which you can see in detail below.

Making Glass in Minecraft

Fortunately for anyone about to build their first base, Glass is one of the simpler blocks to get in Minecraft. All it requires is a furnace, some coal or another heat source, and Sand blocks. The exact recipe for Glass is shown below.

The recipe for Glass

To make a single Glass block, you simply need to smelt a Sand block using a furnace, and that’s it. As you might have guessed, Sand blocks are most commonly found by and underneath water as well as in the desert biome. It’s almost as common as dirt if you’re looking in the right area, so you should have zero issues procuring a solid amount of Sand. Then, you just need to have enough coal or other heat sources to sustain the furnace to make all the Glass you want.

When you go to place Glass in Minecraft, be extremely careful where you choose to put it. Once you place a Glass block, you can’t take it back. If you go to remove the block, it won’t drop to the floor and allow you to pick it back up. Instead, the block disappears, and you’re now down one piece of Glass. This goes for Glass Panes as well, which is a form of a Glass block but instead of being square, it’s a straight piece. A Glass Pane is useful when you don’t need an entire block but still want the look of a glass window. Glass Panes can be crafted by using six Glass blocks at a crafting table.

If you want to color the Glass blocks you’re using, that requires some dye. For example, if you wanted a green-colored Glass block, you would need to use Green Dye. The recipe for a colored Glass block is shown below.

Making a colored Glass block

Colored Glass blocks can be crafted at a crafting table, not a furnace. You can make eight colored Glass blocks by using eight Glass blocks and one dye at a crafting table. Of course, for most players, regular Glass blocks will do the job for most of their needs in Minecraft.