How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft


While Honeycomb doesn’t have a ton of uses in Minecraft, the process of acquiring even a single drop of it can be extremely time-consuming. This can make crafting candles, beehives, and waxed copper a taxing proposition. Fortunately, we have a full guide on the entire Honeycomb-making process in Minecraft, which you can see below.

How to get Honeycomb in Minecraft

Honeycomb isn’t something you can make or cook in Minecraft. Instead, you need to utilize bees to add the item to your inventory. Bees are a somewhat recent addition in Minecraft and they can be used to procure Honeycomb straight from the source, which is inside a Bee Nest or Beehive.

Bee Nests and Beehives are essentially the same thing, but Bee Nests appear naturally while Beehives are human-made blocks. For the most part, you’re looking for a Bee Nest if you haven’t come across Bees or Honeycomb before, but either block works to obtain Honeycomb.

Finding a Bee Nest is a real boon

You can find a Bee Nest randomly in trees across the world in Minecraft. They’re sometimes difficult to see beneath blocks of leaves, but they’re bright yellow and often spawn near the base of trees instead of higher up. If you’re struggling to locate a Bee Nest, be on the lookout for buzzing Bees, as they’ll often be near their base of operations. You can track the Bees and they’ll usually lead you to their home.

Before you head out looking for any Bee Nests, though, you need to have a pair of Shears in your inventory. Shears are crafted using Two Iron Ingots and placing them in the middle and bottom-left slots of the crafting table. This tool is vital in the harvesting of Honeycomb, as it’s what you use to procure the item from the Bee Nest.

With your Shears, find a Bee Nest and look for any drops of honey on the outside of it. In order to harvest Honeycomb from a Bee Nest with your Shears, the nest needs to be at “honey level 5.” This means that Bees have been in and out of the nest carrying pollen, which produces the Honeycomb. Every time a Bee leaves and returns to the nest, the honey level goes up by one. When the nest is ready to harvest, you’ll see the honey dripping on the outside of it.

If you find a primed Bee Nest, use your Shears on it and three pieces of Honeycomb will fall out of the nest. You’d be wise to pick up the Honeycomb quickly and run, as the Bees chase after you for taking their honey. Once you shear a Bee Nest, that nest’s honey level returns to zero and the Bees need to bring more pollen to it to increase its level again.

Honeycomb only comes from Bee Nests and hives

It’s recommended to use Honeycomb to construct a Beehive of your own, which attracts Bees and allows you to take control of Honeycomb production. However, you can always make a note of where various Bee Nests are located and come back to them if you ever need more Honeycomb for recipes such as candles, waxed copper, and maybe even a Honeycomb block. For more tips on Mojang’s timeless crafting game, don’t miss how to get yourself a hard-to-find Minecraft saddle.