Here’s The Most Important Starfield Advice To Get The Most Out Of It, According To A Dev


Bethesda’s Pete Hines has offered some advice for people who will soon dive into Starfield. Speaking at Gamescom, Hines said players should be sure to be mindful of their activity log, because what might look like “throwaway” stuff could lead players to some interesting places.

“My one piece of advice to folks is do not ignore your activities. It feels like throwaway stuff that the game is giving you, but there’s some amazing stuff in there that doesn’t even feel like a real quest but will take you to some amazing places and some amazing stories,” Hines said during an Xbox Gamescom livestream. “We encourage you to play this like any BGS game, which is like do what you want, go where you want, test the game, be the kind of player, the kind of person you want to be in this world and see what happens.”

Hines also mentioned how he hopes players will try to push Starfield to its limits and do whatever they want, whether that be the main storyline or anything else they want to spend their time with.

“It’s about how you want to play,” Hines said.

As an example, Hines said he spent an entire week flying around in space and never landing on a planet to see what that experience felt like. Then he spent time landing on a planet and exploring a city as much as he could without getting back into a ship and flying off.

Starfield, which has been in the works for 10+ years, is finally set for release on September 6. The $100 Constellation Edition unlocks on September 1, and that’s also when Game Pass members who buy a $35 upgrade can get started. Starfield reviews will begin to show up on August 31.

A recent Starfield developer Q&A revealed a lot more information about the game, including how players can buy property and go to jail. Preloading for Starfield is now underway, and it might be worth doing considering the game is 100GB+ in size.