Grab 33 Classic Children’s Adventure Games For Just $45


If you were born in the ’90s or early 2000s, chances are Humongous Entertainment’s classic computer games are among your earliest video game memories, and thanks to recent ports and releases, the many tales of Putt-Putt the Car, Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam, and more are playable on modern PC operating systems and consoles, making it easy to share these child-friendly point-and-click adventures with the young gamers in your life. Even better, a giant bundle featuring 33 Humongous Entertainment PC games is discounted to just $45 (normally $100) for a limited time at Humble Bundle. All keys in the bundle are redeemed through Steam, which requires a free account to use.

The Humongous Entertainment Complete pack features 33 games, including 10 Putt-Putt titles, five Spy Fox games, six Pajama Sam games, seven Freddi Fish games, and three Junior Field Trip adventures featuring Buzzy the Knowledge Bug. Each game in the bundle is playable on Windows, and almost all are playable on Mac and Linux (except for Pajama Sam 4: Life is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff, which only supports Windows).

Humongous Entertainment Complete Pack

The Humongous Entertainment Complete Pack is perfect if you’re looking for something to play with your kids before the new school year starts, but the 50%-off deal is only available until Friday, August 25, so grab the deal at Humble while it’s available.

If you’re only interested in one of the franchises, there are separate deals you can buy that collect the adventures of Pajama Sam, Putt-Putt, and more.

Humongous Entertainment Complete Pack