God Of War Ragnarok: Hel Tear Locations


Somewhat late in God of War Ragnarok, a series of chaotic events will occur that unleashes mayhem across the nine realms in the way of Hel Tears. These realm tears have allowed Hel-walkers to begin flowing into places they shouldn’t be, and you’ll receive a side-quest (known here as a Favor) sending you across the realms to close all six of the Hel Tears that have been opened. Each one you complete earns you one of six Frozen Sparks, which will all be combined into a Frozen Flame at the end of the quest. You can use this material at a forge to upgrade your Leviathan Axe.

To close these realm tears, you’ll need to direct your companion at the time to begin the process of sealing them while you fight off invading Hel-walkers. This will take a bit of time, so just fend off the onslaught as you wait for the countdown to complete and the Hel-Tear to close. We’ve listed all six of these realm tear locations for you below to help you wrap things up.

Consider this guide to contain spoilers.

Hel Tear locations

Here are the locations of all six Hel Tears alongside maps to let you know specifically where to find them. Note, though, that the very first Hel Tear located at Sindri’s House is part of the main story and will be closed automatically, meaning you technically only have to seek out five of them.

Sindri’s House

Sindri’s House

Helheim – The Gleaming Bale

The Gleaming Bale

Svartalfheim – Aurvangar Wetlands

Aurvangar Wetlands

Alfheim – The Strond

The Strond

Vanaheim – The Southern Wilds

The Southern Wilds

Midgard – Well of Urd

Well of Urd

With all the Hel Tears closed, your Frozen Sparks will combine into a Frozen Flame, so don’t forget to visit a forge as soon as possible to upgrade your Leviathan Axe. Find more God of War Ragnarok guides on GameSpot.