Ghostrunner 2 Preorders Are Already 20% Off


There are still a couple of months left before the anticipated first-person platformer Ghostrunner 2 launches on October 26, but eager fans can save 20% on the Steam version thanks to Fanatical’s preorder discount.

Fanatical’s preorder deal drops the price of Ghostrunner 2 to $32, down from $40. You can also save 20% on the pricier editions, with the Deluxe down to $40 (was $50) and Brutal Edition available for $56 (was $70).

Buying Ghostrunner 2 early grants you access to the Traditional Katana Pack, which includes two weapon and character skins to use in-game. These preorder bonuses are included with all versions of Ghostrunner 2, but you can get even more content if you opt for the Deluxe edition–which includes five more weapon cosmetic packs–or the Brutal edition, which includes six character cosmetic packs, a unique motorcycle skin, and the Ghostrunner 2 Season Pass. All codes purchased through GMG are redeemed via Steam.

The original Ghostrunner’s snappy first-person parkouring, rewarding challenge modes, and slick cyberpunk aesthetics surprised critics and audiences when it launched in 2020, and now Ghostrunner 2 is one of 2023’s most exciting sequels. Players take the role of Jack, a katana-wielding cybernetic ninja hunting down an evil AI cult that threatens the last bastion of human civilization. Like the original, gameplay focuses on fast-paced combat and precision-platforming challenges, but this time players have access to new tools and abilities, including a badass futuristic motorcycle.

Ghostrunner 2 launches on October 26. In addition to the PC version, the game will also be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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