Get Free Weapon Upgrades In Call Of Duty MW3 Zombies With This Meme Easter Egg


Modern Warfare 3‘s open-world Zombies mode includes a rewarding throwback to one of Call of Duty’s greatest memes. Here’s how you can “Press F To Pay Respects” and also keep your weapon upgrades for your next match of Zombies.

There is a secret gravesite you can interact with, but it’s in the dangerous high-threat zone of the map. The burial site can be found just southwest of Old Town at the top of the castle, as seen in the screenshot below.

Green ping shows the exact location for the grave

The safest and easiest way to reach this location is to find a nearby redeploy drone. You can zip up in the sky and parachute right down on to the gravesite. If you choose to just waltz right into the high-threat zone, you either want to be really geared up with all the essentials to survive the zone, such as a 3-plate vest, perks like Stamin-Up and Juggernog, and double or triple Pack-a-Punched weapons.

The grave is marked by a collection of weapons sticking out of the ground. This burial site is a call back to 2014’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, where you were granted the option to interact during a funeral cutscene, allowing you to pay respects by pressing a button to touch a soldier’s coffin. Maybe you just want to visit and pay respects for the meme, but you can also get some weapon upgrades for your next match. Regardless, you’ll want to make sure you have the right weapon in your hand when you visit.

Gravesite for Easter egg

Interacting with the grave will reward you by stripping your active weapon of all its upgrades and giving you the materials needed to upgrade again. This might sound counterproductive, and it can be, but saving this visit for the latter portion of your match can be beneficial.

Zombies matches don’t let you keep your weapon rarities or Pack-a-Punch levels. You lose all of this when you exfil, returning your weapons to base level rarity. This makes it strategic to visit the grave and strip one of your Pack-a-Punched weapons, so you can at least have some materials to upgrade again in the next match.

This method of getting resources back is helpful, but you don’t always get the exact quality of materials returned to you. For example: You might have a gold rarity gun that’s fully Pack-a-Punched, but only get rewarded with materials to get a blue rarity gun with a single or double Pack-a-Punched upgrade.

However, it’s better to keep something than lose it all. If you’re just showing up for the meme, don’t keep your best weapon actively in your hands when you pay your respects. Additional rewards can also include items like an Elemental Pop perk can.

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