Get 24 Mini Pokemon Funko Pops With This Discounted 2023 Advent Calendar


Funko Pop’s 2023 Pokemon Holiday calendar launched earlier this summer, and right now, you can

Like other Advent calendars, this set gimmick is that you open one mystery figure per day during the 24 days leading up to Christmas. Each set contains the same 24 figures, but they’re hidden behind within the calendar’s packaging, so you won’t know which Pokemon you’ll get until you open them.

Of course, you can just open all the figures up at once if you prefer, but revealing each figure one at a time is a fun activity for the winter holiday season, especially for kids.

These Funko Pop advent calendars tend to sell out before the holiday season, especially when they are on sale. Plus, you’re getting 24 unique figures for just $35, which is quite the deal.