Fortnite Masked Warrior Made Of Light Location And Guide


In Fortnite this week, you’ll need to track down a masked warrior made of light, but the game doesn’t tell you any more than that, making this particular quest quite confusing. But don’t worry, we’ve already done it and can walk you through it right here.

Fortnite: In the city, there is a masked warrior made of light – quest guide

Your only real clue for this one is the word “city.” Follow your instincts and land in Mega City. If you’ve been playing this season, you may recall the giant hologram of a samurai near the center of the city. It’s there you’ll want to go. Land next to it and stand on the circle beneath it, then emote. Any emote will do, but don’t forget to do at least one before you go or else you’ll need to go back. Below you can see the exact landing spot you’ll want to use.

The masked warrior made of light can be found here.

And that’s it! Naturally, this challenge makes a lot less sense if you’re just left guessing where to go, and yet with it, it seems so simple. After that, you’ll onto the next part of this questline, which mentions how three boats bring cargo. It’s another tricky one, but not far from Mega City.