Fortnite Map Changes In Chapter 4 Season 4



You’ll also find new Forecast Towers across the map, where you and your squad can fight for control and, if victorious unlock crucial future storm circle data. Be careful though, as each Forecast Tower is guarded by a mini-boss. Defeat them, collect their keycard, and gain possession of map information that can win you the round.

There’s even a new muscle car this season: the Nitro Fang–a fitting name for a vampire-related season, huh?

As always with Fortnite, the map will likely change as the season goes on. While smaller changes will occur over the weeks ahead, this is also expected to be the end of Chapter 4, meaning a totally new map is likely coming this early winter. Say your goodbyes to this island while you can. It’s probably not long for this world. Here’s everything new in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4.