Fortnite Festival Update Lets You Shred Using A Keyboard And Mouse


Fortnite Festival‘s next update is introducing some improvements to the Pro Lead and Pro Bass song parts introduced with Season 3. While the Pro parts initially required a specialty guitar controller, the new update will introduce options for playing them on a standard keyboard or gamepad across all consoles and PC.

Unlike standard Fortnite Festival parts, Pro parts require players to hold down the correct fret key and strum to hit a note. Pro Lead and Bass parts also have unique note types called hammer-ons and pull-offs, which replace standard parts’ Lift Notes. To hit these notes, which look visually different to normal notes, you just have to press the corresponding key with no strumming.

With the new update, v30.00, players will be able to keybind their own controls for Pro Lead and Bass, mapping the five colored notes as well as the strum key. This will allow players to use any keyboard or controller they like for Pro parts, in any configuration they like. By default, the keyboard mapping has fretting on keys 1-5 and strumming on Right Shift and Enter, allowing you to hold the keyboard as you would a guitar… if it were missing a string.

The update is also making some changes to how Pro parts work as a whole, introducing some improvements to hitting hammer-ons and pull-offs without strumming, as well as adding the option to toggle input labels under the note highway on in Pro parts.

While it won’t arrive in this update, Fortnite is also working on improving the feel of guitar controllers, with some players saying fret forgiveness currently feels too strict. Fortnite is also working on plans to expand the number of guitar controllers compatible with the game.

The new update also has some added options for non-Pro parts, such as the option to view multi-colored notes instead of Fortnite Festival’s standard single-color track, and the option to play all parts, including drums and vocals, with a supported guitar controller.

The new update v30.00 arrives today.