Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Is Officially Titled Mega, And Looks Like It Will Be Just That


The trailer for Fortnite: Mega is here, the name of Chapter 4 Season 2 arriving soon in the game, and it certainly looks like it’s going to live up to the name.

It’s only a short teaser trailer for Fortnite’s second season of Chapter 4, but it’s offering a whole new vibe not seen in the game before. While the name hasn’t been officially revealed yet, the trailer shows off a brand-new location being added to the map, Mega City. There’s an obvious Japan influence over the whole aesthetic, from various pieces of iconography you can spot in the trailer, down to some of the skins you’ll be able to get in the upcoming season.

The whole location looks very metropolitan in a way other additions to the battle royale haven’t, so it should definitely make for a moodier vibe. Season 2 will be kicking off tomorrow, March 10, and with it we can expect some Attack-on-Titan-themed content for the first time. The official Fortnite account has already teased an Eren Yeager skin, but recent leaks have shown us what we can expect from Chapter 4 Season 2’s battle pass. Pretty much all of the skins in the leak match up with the new trailer, and coming from ShiinaBR and Hypex, it was likely to be real anyway.

Fortnite also recently featured a crossover with Creed 3, offering up an Adonis Creed skin for your punching pleasure.