Fortnite Can Now Run The Original ’93 Doom


A long-running joke in the Doom community is that “if it has a screen, it can run Doom.” There’s a lot of merit to that because people have gotten the 1993 version of Doom to run on various things, including a pregnancy test, a calculator, and, more recently, the hit battle royale game Fortnite.

The latest technological advancement was discovered when X/Twitter user Jackson Clayton shared a video of 93 Doom Slayer cranking 90s. In an interview with Kotaku, Clayton shared that they discovered that the E1M1 level in Doom could be carried over to the Fortnite Unreal editor.

Clayton said they used the Unreal material system to give Doom Slayer the “choppy spinning effect, and a PostProcess material to pixellate the screen and show the gun.” According to the Fortnite developer, the language used in the Unreal editor is a bit complicated to understand, so getting Fortnite to look as if it’s running Doom required them to think outside the box.

Clayton went on to say that they ported Doom into Fortnite because of their friends.

“I wanted to put together a video to trick my friends, so I ported the map and created the post-process materials, and they really liked it.”

In addition to Doom being playable in Fortnite, Epic announced that it’ll be adding a popular feature to one of Fortnites popular modes, and it was revealed that Fortnite was one of the most played games of the week ending on June 29.