Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2 Reveals Gameplay Trailer And Release Date


It’s been a big year for the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, after the long-awaited film adaptation finally arrived in cinemas. The franchise will also get one more game before the year is out, with the second game in VR spin-off series Help Wanted coming on December 14.

The PS VR 2 game is an expansion on the original, allowing players to get up closee and personal with the series’ creepy after-hours restaurants–and the animatronics that inhabit them. Like the first game, Help Wanted 2 will task the player with completing themed minigames while also trying to stay alive.

In a post on the PlayStation blog, executive producer Ray McCaffrey explains more about the title and its minigames. Help Wanted 2 has six categories of minigames: Backstage, Fazcade, Staff Only, Food Prep, Ticket Booth, and Sister Location.

Yes, part of Help Wanted 2 will feature Sister Location gameplay translated into VR, meaning players will be able to encounter Circus Baby and a whole new cast of haunted animatronics while playing through classic FNAF scenes.

The mini-games developed just for Help Wanted 2 include behind-the-scenes tasks like repairing (and restraining) rogue attractions, helping Roxanne Wolf with her makeup and styling, or serving food for hungry customers. The game also includes a number of attractions you can take for a test drive, including classic arcade games, as well as the shoot-em-up log ride Captain Foxy’s Cowboy Adventure. Help Wanted 2 also makes use of the PS VR 2’s eye-tracking feature in a mini-game where you can try your best to fool fortune teller Mystic Hippo.

The sequel is releasing earlier than expected on December 14 for the PS VR 2.