Final Fantasy Producer Teases “Big” Non-FF7 Announcement


Final Fantasy fans have plenty to look forward to with the release of Final Fantasy 16 this year and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth at a later date, but producer Yoshinori Kitase has even more content planned for the franchise. In a New Year message, Kitase mentioned that he was looking forward to making “another big announcement” about a game that is unrelated to Final Fantasy VII.

“There’s also another big announcement unrelated to Final Fantasy VII that I can’t say anything about just yet,” Kitase wrote. “Rest assured we’re working hard to make sure 2023 is the most exciting year yet.”

Kitase did add that development on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is “picking up speed” and that finishing touches are being applied to Final Fantasy XVI ahead of its release on June 22. As for what the surprise announcement could be, the 2021 Nvidia leak of unannounced games has been a reliable source of info so far.

Several of the games listed on that leaked database have been released, such as the PC port of Final Fantasy VII Remake and a Chrono Cross remaster, and the list also included a remake of Final Fantasy 9 and a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster. It’s worth noting that while Nvidia did confirm that the list was real when it first leaked, the company also mentioned that it was used only for internal testing and that several of the games on it don’t exist.

In other Final Fantasy news, the pixel remasters of Final Fantasy I-VI are finally coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. The remasters of the retro NES and SNES games are currently scheduled for a Spring 2023 launch, and for anyone looking for more immediate gratification, the recent release of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion has been a well-received update of a cult-classic game in the series.