Fall Damage Will No Longer Be Lethal In Destiny 2


Destiny 2 is making physics collision damage and fall damage less lethal in Lightfall, its upcoming expansion. As announced in a recent blog update, physics collisions will no longer mean instant death once Lightfall releases, and fall damage will also be reduced in a mid-Season update.

While they may no longer be lethal, collisions will still do some hefty damage, but as the dev team explains, “will generally leave you at 1HP instead of outright splattering you.” This will presumably be the same with fall damage when it’s nerfed later in the season.

The adjustment should come in handy when navigating in Lightfall, with the new Strand subclass having a strong focus on grappling. Gameplay feature lead Eric Smith said in a recent interview that much of the new campaign has been designed specifically around the new grapple. “There are sections of Lightfall where we’re grappling to moving objects, vehicles to kind of pull ourselves around the environment,” he explained.

Destiny 2: Lightfall launches on February 28, bringing with it a new campaign, the Strand subclass, and new Exotic armor and weapons to pair with it.