Elle Fanning Thinks Death Stranding 2 “Looks Pretty Amazing” But Is Going To Get “So Much Better”


Death Stranding 2 actress Elle Fanning has said that the sequel is using some new technology to make the game look “so much better.”

Fanning recently made an auditory appearance on an episode of Hideo Kojima’s Brain Structure podcast alongside The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley, where she spoke of how impressive the game is looking to her (thanks, GamesRadar). The actress described the process as a work-in-progress, noting that Kojima “always says ‘this isn’t done, this is not what it’s gonna look like at all’. But then I look at it and I’m like ‘it looks pretty amazing.’ But in his mind it’s ‘oh my god it’s going to be so much better don’t even look at this.'”

Despite what Kojima says, Fanning thinks that Death Stranding 2 “already looks so outstanding, it looks so real, but I know it’s going to get so much better.” Kojima himself obviously had something to say on the matter, noting he “can’t reveal too much right now. But we’ve been using a new technology this time around, so I think the scanning process was a bit difficult, but Elle had fun with it.”

Death Stranding 2 was officially revealed at The Game Awards in December, with Norman Reedus, Lea Seydoux, and Troy Baker returning, and Shioli Kutsuna joining Fanning as a newcomer. Being a Kojima game, the trailer obviously barely gave anything that makes complete sense, though according to Kojima himself, the story was completely different after he experienced the pandemic.

Kojima is also working on another game at the moment, which could be the title that’s in development for Xbox.