Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Adds New Difficulty Modifiers And 10 More Bosses


Elden Ring’s highly anticipated DLC, Shadow Of The Erdtree, is quickly approaching. As we get closer to its June 21 release date, more information about the DLC is beginning to surface, such as how many new bosses lie ahead and how a new feature will allow you to adjust the game’s difficulty.

Players will notice a new menu option called Shadow Realm Blessing whenever they visit a Guidance of Grace. This will serve as a new progression system for their character that will allow them to use the DLC’s new powers. It’ll even act as a difficulty modifier to ensure players aren’t overpowered despite their level. That said, returning characters won’t be as strong in the newer areas. So, they’ll need to upgrade themselves using Scadutree Blessings.

In addition to all these changes, the Shadow Of The Erdtree will see you take on 10 new bosses. Similar to the base game, not all boss fights are required for you to finish the story. But as of the time of this writing, it’s unclear which bosses players will be able to skip.

Shadow Of The Erdtree is scheduled to drop later this month on June 21. For more on what to expect in the DLC, check out our Shadow Of The Erdtree preview.