Elden Ring Graceborne Mod Brings Bloodborne To The Lands Between


Elden Ring‘s Lands Between isn’t exactly a lighthearted fantasy realm, but the fan-created Graceborne mod makes things even darker by giving the game a Bloodborne-themed makeover. And since Bloodborne still isn’t on PC nearly a decade after its release, Graceborne may be the closest thing to it that we’re going to get.

Via GamesRadar, the Elden Ring Graceborne mod was created by a user going by corvianNoctis on Nexus Mods. Although Graceborne is still in an early stage of development, the accompanying trailer is very impressive.

Several characters in Elden Ring have gotten redesigns for Graceborne, including the playable character–the Tarnished–who is now reborn as Bloodborne’s Hunter. But the changes are more than just cosmetic. This mod has added Bloodborne’s gun-parrying and quick-step ability, while also reworking the way that the main character heals. There are also 22 sets of armor, 35 weapons, 17 trick weapons, and five firearms that have been added to the player’s arsenal.

CorvianNoctis hasn’t provided a timetable for when Graceborne will be completed, but it’s already growing in popularity on Nexus Mods. As with many early mods, there are still some bugs that have yet to be worked out. But even at this stage, Graceborne appears to be very polished. Hopefully the response to this mod will help convince Sony to finally bring From Software’s earlier masterpiece to PC, and give Bloodborne the larger audience that it deserves.