Eight Titles Are Leaving Xbox Game Pass On March 15


Another month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers means a new batch of games will be added to the service, but eight titles will be leaving by March 15.

One of 2021’s most notable games, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, is among the collection of games to be leaving before the end of the month. This third-person RPG follows Star-Lord and his crew as they get swept up in an interplanetary disaster, featuring tag-team gameplay, choice-based consequences, and a variety of boss fights.

Regarded as one of the best indie titles of all time, Undertale is a rich 2D role-playing game full of unique characters and a turn-based combat system filled with player-made choices that impact the story. After a human child falls underground, the player discovers a world that has become the home and prison to a monster race, who long to return to the surface.

Another title leaving the subscription service is Paradise Killer, which launched last year. The story entails a murder mystery set on an island called Paradise that regenerates every few millennia. The adventure game is a visual novel that features a cast of colorful characters, puzzles, and a winding story that can result in multiple endings.

Although eight games will be leaving this month, players can look forward to Valheim, which is being added to Xbox Game Pass on March 14.

Xbox Game Pass Titles Leaving March 15

  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy — Console and PC
  • Undertale — Console
  • Young Souls — Console and PC
  • Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition — Console and PC
  • Goat Simulator — Console
  • F1 2020 — Console
  • Zero Escape: The Nonary Games — Console and PC
  • Paradise Killer — Console and PC