Dragon Quest Treasures Is 25% Off At Amazon And Target


Physical copies of Dragon Quest Treasure on Nintendo Switch are discounted to just $45 (normally $60) at Amazon and Target right now. This matches the best price yet for the Nintendo Switch exclusive that launched in December.

Dragon Quest Treasures is a spin-off of the main series that follows one of Dragon Quest 11’s main party members, Erik, and his sister Mia. The game takes place several years before the events of Dragon Quest 11 when the siblings were young treasure hunters. Players control either Erik or Mia, exploring large, open environments teeming with monsters and loot. The monsters you encounter can be recruited–similar to another Dragon Quest sub-series, Dragon Quest Monsters. Your monsters’ special abilities will aid in exploration and during the game’s unique real-time combat.

In our Dragon Quest Treasures review, Heidi Kemps gave the game a 7, saying its “bright-eyed, adventurous atmosphere and rewarding core gameplay loop go a long way in carrying the game to its conclusion,” despite its simplistic combat and occasionally muddy visuals.

This 25% discount is a great opportunity to try Dragon Quest Treasures for yourself if you’ve been holding off for a price drop and might take the edge off while waiting for the upcoming Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake and Dragon Quest XII.