Dragon Ball Fans Are Sharing Their (Hilarious) Thoughts About The Fortnite Crossover


After years of speculation, the Fortnite-Dragon Ball collaboration is finally here. As of today, Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus are available as skins in the massively popular battle royale. The collaboration also introduces new, limited-time challenges and additional Dragon Ball-related accessories.

Some fans shared their thoughts on the event as soon as the collaboration went live, with some less-than-enthusiastic players expressing that Goku and Vegeta appear to look odd with the shading and disproportionate. Most fans, however, seem to love the latest addition to Fortnite.

You don’t have to look very hard to find tweets about how funny it is to watch Lord Beerus slam dunk on people or witness Goku eliminate someone with the iconic Kamehameha blast and hit the griddy right afterward. Other players have taken to expressing how they love using the new in-game items to help them secure a win. There are not many games where you can have Goku, Master Chief, Kratos, and Thanos all working together to be the last team standing.

Here are some of the best takes we’ve seen so far on Twitter regarding the Dragon Ball Super x Fortnite Collab:

goku gets a dub with the kamehameha then hits the griddy #Fortnite pic.twitter.com/YscAsZ27s9

— Jim (@BigFurryBalls) August 16, 2022

THIS IS ACTUALLY ONE OF THE RAWEST IMAGES ON THE INTERNET, I CAN’T. #fortnite #goku #beerus #vegeta #bulma pic.twitter.com/CtyESsCNGQ

— RetroGaming (RUL3R) (MvS!) (@RetroLan) August 16, 2022

Beerus Fortnite pic.twitter.com/0wIrvyZtZe

— Runa 🍜 (@RunaArts_) August 15, 2022

perfection pic.twitter.com/ZdIvVKjuCZ

— rhyme (@Rhymestyle) August 16, 2022

This is a real image in Fortnite pic.twitter.com/DUaAXiOeQz

— Full Squad Gaming (@fullsquadgaming) August 16, 2022

Fortnite does not miss🔥 pic.twitter.com/RQtvDFUT50

— XSET JaredFPS (@JaredFPS) August 16, 2022

Vegeta And Goku in Fortnite has made me truly unhinged… pic.twitter.com/SBSf3ZGX5s

— RedMufflerMan (@RedMufflerMan) August 16, 2022

I’m really venom in Fortnite with Goku also in Fortnite watching dragon Ball Super pic.twitter.com/usbHNU5uUa

— Dawn (@daaaawwwwn) August 16, 2022

goku hittin the griddy in fortnite pic.twitter.com/tMkXobLXg5

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) August 16, 2022

vageta shotguns goku, takes a drink, then takes a selfie and posts it #Fortnite pic.twitter.com/Cq3YhgXFw0

— getchell ゴゴ (@getchell__) August 16, 2022

This is ridiculous asl LMAO #PS5Share, #Fortnite pic.twitter.com/3VUlyEz55x

— smiling blade (@Sims2smoove) August 16, 2022

Travis Scott and Goku doing the fusion #Fortnite pic.twitter.com/rRZaLaXCew

— 🐟 (@polymole) August 16, 2022

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