Don’t Expect A “Just One More Thing” At Summer Game Fest Live


If you were hoping to see one last surprise at the end of Summer Game Fest Live, Geoff Keighley has some bad news for you: What you see is what you get. In a recent stream, the host acknowledged that while a last surprise is often a tradition at game showcase events, this year’s SGF will not have one.

“It’s not really one of those shows,” Keighley explained. “Our shows don’t typically have that.” He noted that neither Gamescom Opening Night Live nor The Game Awards (two events that he’s known for hosting) do not feature those sort of “bonus” announcements. However, he did say that the organizers put “a lot of thought” into the order of the reveals and trailers, from the first game to the last game.

He then cited a humorous example, saying that those who expect Gabe Newell to walk out at the end and announce Half-Life 3 will be disappointed. “It’d be cool, but it’s not happening on this show,” he said.

Summer Game Fest 2024 will take place on Friday, June 7 at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. The show will now take the spot formerly held by E3, the long-running video game trade show once seen as the premier event in gaming, which was permanently canceled last year. While we don’t know much about the event, we do know that it will feature a full reveal of Batman: Arkham Shadow, a VR game. Tickets to the physical event in Hollywood Park (Los Angeles) are still being sold.