Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Red Roses


There are a lot of flowers to find and collect in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but there’s a popular one missing from the initial selection–roses. That all changes once you bring Beast to your village and spend some time leveling him up, though. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to befriend Beast and add Red Roses to your valley.

How to get Red Roses in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first step to getting Red Roses in your valley is to befriend Beast and get him to friendship level 10. This will unlock his final quest called “A Gift in Crimson.” In this quest, Beast wants to work alongside you to bring roses to Dreamlight Valley, but he’ll need a greenhouse to get things started. To craft Beast’s Greenhouse, you’ll need to round up the following items:

  • Glass x20
  • Dry Wood x10
  • Gold Ingot x5
  • Crystal x3
  • Soil x30

With all of that collected, head to a crafting station and combine the materials with the Greenhouse Base that was given to you by Beast to craft Beast’s Greenhouse. However, a greenhouse is no good without flowers to grow within it. As such, Beast asks you to return to his Realm and grab some cuttings from the roses there, so go ahead and use fast travel to return to the Beauty and the Beast Realm.

When you arrive in the Beauty and the Beast Realm, make your way to the courtyard where you’ll find that the roses have all wilted since Belle and Beast have been away. Use your watering can on all of the dried-up roses, then proceed to pick all twelve of them and head back to the valley.

Return the dozen roses to Beast, who will then request that you distribute three of them to villagers, so track down and give one each to WALL-E, Mirabel, and Mother Gothel. Return to Beast once more and follow him to give the final rose to Belle to complete “A Gift in Crimson.”

With all of that out of the way, make your way over to Beast’s Greenhouse. You’ll now find that up to four random flowers, sometimes including the rare Red Rose, will be available for you here on a timer. However, you can upgrade the greenhouse’s maximum flower cap by interacting with the sign beside it and paying Scrooge McDuck a fee.

  • Upgrade 1 (10,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 6
  • Upgrade 2 (20,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 8
  • Upgrade 3 (30,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 10
  • Upgrade 4 (40,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 12
  • Upgrade 5 (50,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 14
  • Upgrade 6 (60,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 16
  • Upgrade 7 (70,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 18
  • Upgrade 8 (80,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 20

While Red Roses may not be common in Beast’s Greenhouse, be sure to check it frequently to be sure you’ve always got fresh stock coming in to increase your chances.

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