Diablo Lore Book Box Set Gets Massive Limited-Time Price Cut At Amazon


Diablo fans can snag a great deal on The Horadric Vault – The Complete Collection, a box set featuring four books exploring the lore and stories of Blizzard’s iconic action-RPG series. The collection released last November for $100, but right now you can purchase the set for only $58.68 at Amazon. This massive 41% discount probably won’t be available for long, so Diablo fans should snag it while they can.

Book of Cain covers the lore and history of the war between heaven and hell as told by fan-favorite Deckard Cain, while Book of Tyrael recounts important events from Sanctuary’s history through the eyes of the Archangel Tyrael. Book of Adria is a bestiary detailing the many demons, beasts, and undead creatures players face in the games. Book of Lorath looks at the numerous magical relics that Sanctuary’s heroes and villains seek to control.

Along with the reams of lore, each volume includes illustrations and concept art from the games and in-universe correspondences between various characters to add texture to the Diablo series’ grim setting.

The books are available to purchase individually, though you’ll wind up spending more money (roughly $70 right now)–and you won’t get the slipcase. But if you are only interested in volumes narrated by one or two of the characters, here’s where you can buy them at Amazon:

There are multiple Diablo books on the horizon, too. You can preorder The Art of Diablo: Volume II for $42 ahead of its July 23 release–you’ll want to pair that with the steeply discounted Art of Diablo: Volume I. Also releasing in July is Diablo – Legends of the Necromancer – Rathma, a new graphic novel that you can preorder for a discount at Amazon.