Diablo 4 Season 2 Is Off To A Rough Start


Diablo 4 Season 2 is now live, but Season Journey objectives and the battle pass are currently broken. Season 2 launched alongside the Steam release of Diablo 4, but there are a few issues the new update has caused, including the disabling of cross-play between PC and consoles and broken Season Objectives.

Season Objectives in Diablo 4 are a series of objectives that can be completed while playing the new seasonal content, rewarding players who complete these objectives with battle pass XP, Legendary Aspects, and other rewards. However, these objectives are currently broken, with none of the objectives properly tracking your progress. Despite doing some of the tasks, like collecting Reddamine and completing a Cellar, all of the objectives remain at zero.

Blizzard has not acknowledged the issue on social media at the time of writing and it’s unclear if any progress made on the Season Objectives will be rewarded retroactively once the issue is fixed. Luckily, the only objective you could theoretically lock yourself out of is the “complete 3 priority or side quests,” although completing every side quest before a fix is released seems unlikely.

The battle pass itself is also broken, with players unable to claim rewards, including both free and premium tiers. Icy Veins has reported that some players have been able to use their free premium battle pass from the Deluxe version of the game for the Season 2 battle pass, despite using it on the Season 1 battle pass, although they can’t claim any rewards at the moment anyway.

Diablo 4 Season 2 also included a massive balance update for the game, with the patch notes clocking in at over 14,000 words.