Diablo 4 Season 2 Blood Harvest Event – Everything To Know


Diablo 4 Season 2, Season of Blood, has arrived, bringing a ton of vampires to Sanctuary. This new season is all about hunting down these creatures of the night and that includes the new event type, the Blood Harvest. The Blood Harvest is a timed event that takes place in a specific region of the map, combining aspects of both Whispers and the Helltide. This event also involves four new currencies/resources, which can be a bit overwhelming at first. Here’s everything you need to know about the Blood Harvest in Diablo 4.

Blood Harvest basics

The Blood Harvest zone is marked a green overlay.

The Blood Harvest is an event that takes place in a specific chunk of the map, indicated by the green coloring, that lasts for one hour before moving to a new location. Within the area you will find an increase in vampiric enemies, who will drop Blood Lures and Potent Blood in addition to earning you Hunter’s Acclaim. Blood Lures are used exclusively inside the Blood Harvest to summon Blood Seekers, vampiric enemies based on the five playable classes, at summoning altars. These altars are marked on the map by a Chalice icon, although those only appear on the map if you are nearby them.

Potent Blood is used to both unlock and upgrade Vampiric Powers, which you unlock after completing the first couple of seasonal quests. These special powers are pretty strong, so unlocking and upgrading them is important. Hunter’s Acclaim is used to level up the Hunter’s Acclaim board, which can be found in most settlements, indicated on the map by a board icon with the seasonal leaf on it. Earning levels in Hunter’s Acclaim earns you various rewards.

Fighting Blood Seekers will net you a ton of Hunter’s Acclaim and Seeker Keys which can be used to open Seeker Caches, which are found exclusively inside the Blood Harvest. These chests contain seasonal loot like Potent Blood and Armor Pact consumables, as well as high quality loot.

It’s important to note that none of these resources expire when the Blood Harvest ends.

How to get the most out of the Blood Harvest in Diablo 4

The Blood Harvest Whispers will have you save villagers, kill a specific kind of enemy, and kill Blood Seekers.

The Blood Harvest typically includes three Whispers, which provide Grim Favors so you can get caches from the Tree of Whispers. The three Whisper types that typically appear are: kill X number of a specific enemy, rescue X number of villagers, and kill X number of Blood Seekers.

For the kill X number of a specific enemy, when you enter the Blood Harvest, these enemies will be marked on your mini-map by small red dots. Once inside the Blood Harvest, villagers are marked by diamond objective markers on your main map and mini-map, so you can navigate to them. To save them you will typically need to free them and then defend them from enemies for a short period of time.

Lastly, the Blood Seekers can be found by summoning them from the altars marked by chalices on the map. You will need Blood Lures for this, with the minimum being 15. If you don’t have enough, focus on completing the other whispers in the area and just clearing out enemies, as every enemy in the Blood Harvest can drop these.

Completing all three Whispers will award you with 10 Grim Favors, which is enough to claim a cache from the Tree of Whispers. You will also get Seeker Keys from defeating the Blood Seekers. Finding the Seeker Caches inside the Blood Harvest can be a bit tricky, since these only appear on the map when you get near them. There is typically one near the summoning altars, but more can be found by exploring the area. These keys do not expire, so don’t worry about finding enough caches before the Blood Harvest moves.