Diablo 4 – Kyovashad Hub Guide


The first act in the Diablo 4 campaign takes place in the Fractured Peaks. Early on, you’ll be able to visit the region’s capital, Kyovashad, which has numerous mechanics for you to try out. Here’s our Diablo 4 Kyovashad hub guide to help you with the many features in this city.

Diablo 4 Kyovashad hub features

The Diablo 4 Kyovashad hub is unlocked early in the campaign. Basically, you’ll meet a priest named Lorath Nair while you’re in the hamlet of Nevesk. After Lilith’s involvement is revealed, you’ll travel northeast, eventually reaching the city of Kyovashad. There, you’re told to inscribe your greatest sin on a tablet (i.e., fear, anger, pride, greed, or nothing but scribbles). Only then will the gates be opened, and you can continue onward with the main quest.

The weapon vendor in Kyovashad has a special item that’s part of the main quest.

The Diablo 4 Kyovashad hub has numerous vendors that provide different functions and mechanics, and you can see their icons when you open your map. Some vendor types can also be found in other towns/hamlets, not just in Kyovashad.

In any case, we list some features that you can discover. Do take note that a few of these might not be available during the beta:

  • Waypoint – Allows you to fast travel to other waypoint locations that you’ve unlocked. Activating your town portal always returns you to Kyovashad, but you can select a different waypoint on the world map.
  • Healer – Restores your health and potion charges.
  • Alchemist – Used to upgrade your potions, craft reagents, and brew elixirs.
  • Weapon and armor vendor – These NPCs sell generic stuff, usually nothing that’s worth your while.
  • Blacksmith – Lets you salvage items for materials, or upgrade them to increase their power.
  • Inn – Has your stash and wardrobe. You can learn more in our transmog and dyes/pigments guide.
  • World Tier Statue – Allows you to increase the overall difficulty and rewards, as long as you meet the requirements. You can learn more in our World Tiers guide.
  • Rings and amulets – This type of NPC sells accessories.
  • Jeweler – Allows you to craft gems and add sockets to items.
  • Stable Master – Used to select a mount.
  • Purveyor of Curiosities – Lets you exchange the Murmuring Obols you’ve amassed for random gear.
  • Occultist – Can imprint aspects via the Codex of Power, essentially adding a skill-based affix to an item.

Kyovashad and other locations in Diablo 4 have sidequests (i.e., blue exclamation point icons). For instance, the one in Kyovashad tasks you with cheering a bunch of guards, which you can complete by opening your action wheel and selecting the Cheer emote.