Destiny 2’s Telesto Is Bugged Yet Again–But This Time It Might Be Intentional


Destiny 2’s Telesto breaks often–so often that there’s a dedicated site recording the last time since Telesto’s been bugged–but this time it’s broken in a unique way. The exotic fusion rifle now smokes and fires out multiple small little floating sparks, like shown in the Twitter video below.

Telesto, can however, be returned to normal operation. Reload causes the character wielding it to slap the gun, and afterwards, Telesto returns to its usual settings. This strange double-setting bug has players speculating whether or not Bungie intentionally implemented it as some type of Easter egg.

Forbes reporter Paul Tassi speculates that Telesto’s bug could be related to a puzzle and that the sparks are fired out in the shapes of real-life constellations. Tassi also alleges that it could be related to an upcoming event and says, “I’ve gotten indication that this may continue to unfold over the coming days, so we might need to wait and see what further resets bring.”

It’s possible Telesto’s unexpected modifications could be related to Destiny 2’s Season 19 or next year’s Lightfall release.

In any case, Telesto having a bug that can be “turned off” is indeed very suspicious. It is too early to say to for sure what Telesto’s “new features” exactly refers to–but the community is having fun trying to find out. There are those firing the gun straight up and noticing a change in projectile patterns, and there are others who are simply enjoying the return of Telesto’s legacy.