Destiny 2 Horror Story God Roll – The Best Perks For PvE And PvP


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Horror Story PvP God Roll

The PvP version of Horror Story is pretty much the same as its PvE counterpart, without the emphasis on Stasis synergy. You want as much damage as you can get from the gun, with as much range as you can manage, and any help you can get from perks in landing as many headshots as possible.

Barrel: Arrowhead Break

Once again, the benefit of predictable, straight-vertical recoil is going to be a major benefit in hitting critical shots on your opponent in duels.

Magazine: Accurized Rounds

Range is huge in PvP because it gives you the opportunity to do more damage from further away, and that boost can be the difference in long-range engagements.

Third Column Perk: Dynamic Sway Reduction

If you’re not someone who expects to slay out constantly, Demolitionist probably won’t give you the returns you’re hoping for in grenade energy generation. Dynamic Sway Reduction, on the other hand, helps keep Horror Story as accurate as possible as you hold down the trigger, which can help you win more duels.

Fourth Column Perk: Target Lock/Frenzy

You’re looking to pair accuracy with as much as damage as possible, so Target Lock is your go-to god roll perk. It increases the gun’s damage as you land shots, making it easy to activate and constantly increasing your ability to finish a battle as you fight it. However, Target Lock penalizes you for missing, so if you want a damage increase that’s easier to activate and maintain, Frenzy is a good alternative. It gives you a boost to damage, handling, and reload speed simply for being in combat. The big drawback, however, is that it takes around 12 seconds in combat to activate, so Target Lock is usually the better option.

Masterwork: Range

As usual with PvP guns, Range is your best bet for a Masterwork to make Horror Story as strong as possible from as far away as possible. Alternatively, Stability is always useful for an auto rifle that depends on precision hits for its maximum effectiveness.

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How To Get Horror Story

You can earn one guaranteed Horror Story through the Festival of the Lost event card. Advance the Classic Carving quest line with Eva Levante until the card Triumphs are fully available, then complete the Automatic Transmission Triumph. It requires you to rack up 300 auto rifle kills in PvE, with bonus progression for auto rifle kills in PvP.

Horror Story is not craftable, which means you’ll need to earn random drops in order to find a god roll. The primary way to earn Horror Story is just by playing Haunted Lost Sectors as part of the Festival of the Lost event. It can drop randomly from chests at the end of events, but you’ll generally need to grind for specific rolls and likely dump a lot of less-than-perfect guns along the way.

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Finally, you can get Horror Story from Eerie Engrams earned in Haunted Lost Sectors, which Eva Levante can focus into Horror Story for a guaranteed try at a roll. Horror Story is also one of the weapons that can drop from Epic Mystery Grab Bags you can purchase from Eva, which cost 300 Candies each.