Destiny 2 Bug Resets Triumph Progress, Possibly Removing Seals You’ve Earned


Destiny 2 is currently offline as a lost-progress bug is being addressed. Bungie made the announcement on January 24, saying that a selection of Triumphs, Seals, and Catalysts are affected, necessitating the servers be taken down.

Players also noticed the issue over on the Destiny 2 Reddit community, claiming some of their completed Triumphs have reverted back to an uncompleted status.

Destiny 2’s Triumphs are objectives players can complete to earn Titles like Cursebreaker and Rivensbane. Some Triumphs can be quite laborious to finish, leading to passionate pleas from players for the issue to get fixed.

In Hotfix, blue engrams are officially out and players, who are at the soft gear cap, will get Glimmer drops instead. In other Destiny 2 news, Seasons of the Seraph will end soon and Lightfall will release on February 28.

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